Monday, March 9, 2009

A Lesson In Love

Lauren is beginning to get her nights and days mixed up. She sleeps during the day and then is fully awake at night wanting to be put over someone's shoulder and then walked around. The lack of sleep is beginning to really take a toll on us.

Starting this month, I decided to keep Christian home from school 2 days a week just so I can spend some time with him. He's growing up so fast and I feel like I'm missing out on the cutest age ever. So, today, I had both kids with me. He was an angel. She, well, was not such an angel. I wasn't able to put Lauren down for more than 2 minutes - literally. She was driving me nuts with her shrilly cry.

At one point, I got so fed up, I snapped at her. To me, it didn't sound too bad - I just sounded really annoyed and kept saying, "what! what! what do you want?!" as I was walking down the hall with her in my sling. I walked into Christian's room and in the middle of playing with his toys, he looked down at the floor and just sat there looking sad.

I asked him, "What's wrong, honey?"

C: "Mommy mad to Rauren."

Me: "Oh honey, no, mommy's not mad - mommy's just tired of hearing Lauren cry."

C: "Mommy happy?"

Me: "Yes, honey...mommy's happy. Mommy loves Christian and Lauren very much."

C: "Then, mommy talk nice to Rauren."

I nearly cried when I heard him say those words.

He could've easily been jealous of Lauren because he wanted me to play cars with him all day but I couldn't really.

He could've easily been resentful to her because he was forced to keep on a poopie diaper for over 10 minutes while I was nursing - all he kept saying was "owie, owie - poopie diaper" as he patiently waited.

He could've easily been annoyed at the fact that he was trying to watch tv but Lauren's cry kept drowning out the characters' voices - instead, he went over to Lauren's swing and tried to comfort her with a cheerful, "Hi, Rauren!" as I was trying to get dinner ready.

In that moment when he told me to talk nice to Lauren, I was humbled. I realized he was so right. All day today he was nothing but patient and thoughtful to his little sister.

Today, my son taught me a simple lesson in love.


jean said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW...Sue! christian is such a wonderful, mature,little boy! what a great big brother! our kids will be teaching us many lessons that have to be retaught (to us,lol) throughout life! =)

lucy said...

WHAAAAA!!! That was so sad!!! I would have felt so bad!!! What a good little boy and loving brother. He's so sweet. I heart Christian :P by the way, I know how you feel about the day and night mixed up. Josie had that really bad and I was so exhausted and easily set off, so I understand how tired you must be:(

kathy said...

ummmmm how come i'm all tearing at this story? i always knew christian was the sweetest boy ... and he continues to prove this over and over again.

susie bae said...

so soooooo sweet! christian is such a sweetheart and i love that he says rauren. he's teaching all of us to be humble and to be patient. =)

sue said...

i know...he's being such a good kid. i wish there was something i can do for him to show him how much he means to us.

maddie's mommy said...

christian is soooo sweet... i love him! God really blessed you with a special lil' boy~