Thursday, August 28, 2008

AFP Test

Today my OB's office called with the result of my AFP blood test. I knew immediately when they called that it wasn't going to be good news. I had gone through this before during my pregnancy with Christian. Back then, they told me that my blood test indicated that my baby may be at risk for Down Syndrome (Low levels of AFP in the blood). This time, they called and told me that it was for Neural Tube Defects (High levels of AFP in the blood). I was disappointed when they told me that it wasn't for Downs. Because I know the chances of getting downs is so low and Christian came out okay at the end of it all.

This time, it's hitting me alot harder because Neural Tube Defects seem to be more common so of course it's scarier. From the beginning, this pregnancy has been "different" and I haven't felt good. And ever since I found out that I was pregnant, my worst fear of my 2nd child being unhealthy has been lingering in my mind - and now, this. It's like the 1st step to making my nightmare come true. I know the chances are relatively low and that (hopefully) things will be okay... but going through this again and having to possibly do another amniocentesis is torturing me to no end. Those 2 weeks after the amnio - waiting and waiting for the results - and all the "what if" scenarios playing out in your mind every night while you lie in bed or they'll randomly creep up on you from no where - when you're driving, doing the dishes or just watching tv. I don't know that I can handle the waiting game again.

My detailed ultrasound is tomorrow morning.

Please, God, please, please, please make this another false-positive result, please. And please don't make me have to go through another amnio - I really hated it the last time. Please let this baby be healthy - I don't know that I'm equipped to handle anything less than a healthy baby. Please, I'm begging you.

Friday, August 8, 2008


So I went to see my doctor yesterday and she did an exam and found that I had a uterine polyp. She suspects that my body was trying to get rid of it hence the bleeding. So she removed it and I think I feel better. Just knowing that the baby is okay is a big relief. Whew! :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008


My spotting has increased to slight bleeding in the past few days with some mean cramps. Last night, a tiny, bloody clot came out (I know, TMI...but too bad). I'm so confused. Everything I read online says not to worry too much but my goodness, it's a bit alarming when you see something like that....especially when it's accompanied with constant cramping. Anyways, I finally called my doctor this morning and I have an appt this afternoon. Let's hope everything is fine and I'm just being a worrywart for nothing.