Friday, September 12, 2008

We're having a ....

GIRL!~ It's still not sinking in... I thought FOR SURE that I was having another boy. I would've bet our life savings on it. I'm still shock? When I tell ppl, they say I don't sound excited. It's not that I'm not excited but I just wasn't expecting it and so I'm having a hard time shifting my mindset. This whole time, while I've been shopping online or at a store, I was looking at boys things, little infant boys things. And now, the thought of having to look through a bunch of little girls things is...well, a little overwhelming. There's so much to choose from.

Anyways... we're excited. Christian is going to have a little sister. I'm going to have a daughter. She's gonna be Ben's little girl. Now I need to come up with names...or maybe I'll give her one of the boys names I had picked out.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

God DOES answer prayers!!

Sorry for not updating sooner with the results....we just got back from San Diego today and Christian started school last week and he's going again tomorrow so I had all this stuff to take care of. But now, *exhale*, I'm back at my computer relaxing. ;)

We did a thorough ultrasound last Friday and the doctor said everything was fine! And the most fantastic part was that they're able to detect 90% of neural tube defects with an ultrasound so we didn't have to do the amnio!~ Thank you, God!~

I know that the chances of having an unhealthy child is super slim, even with a positive AFP result but, my goodness, when you're stuck in the middle of it, all you can do is focus on the "what if". And even though the "what if" might be small, if the "what if" actually happened, the effects of that is sooooo huge and devastating that you just can't help it.

But I'm so glad that part is over now and I can focus on bringing a healthy, beautiful baby into this world. =) During the ultrasound, the baby was crossing his/her legs so the doctor wasn't able to give me a definite answer on the sex. He said that he thinks that 80% it might be a girl! wtf?? I made him check about 5 times - literally. I kept saying, "oh look, there's the penis!" and he'd say, "no, it looks like a labia to me." lol... And then, i'd say it again, and then he'd say, "no, we're looking at the heart right now." hahaha...

My 20 week ultrasound checkup is tomorrow so we'll find out for sure what the sex of the baby is. But mannn...I really, really, can't picture myself being a mom to a girl. All I know is how to raise a boy - I am a mother of a boy. I have a son. I know Thomas Trains and legos and skulls and camos and sneakers and trucks. I have like 4 hugungous space saver vacuum sealed bags full of boys clothes waiting to be used by Christian's younger brother. I don't think a girl would look right in his old clothes...

(oh and lucy, i totally didn't even know that i could pay extra and get the results sooner! i wish i knew that when i did the amnio with christian! thanks for the info~~!)