Friday, May 19, 2006

Baby Gear

To be a parent in this day and age is a blessing. There are so many neat baby products being offered nowadays - and discovering them is half the fun!~ I ordered these last week after I got peed on multiple times trying to change Christian's diapers.

Pee-Pee TeePees For The Sprinkling Wee-Wee

They're made of 100% cotton so they're washable and reusable. You just place one of these cute little teepees on the wee-wee and you're good to go. It saved me from getting sprinkled on the other day and they come in a bunch of cute little patterns. I ordered an airplane pattern and a fire engine pattern. They even have ones that look like little red santa hats. Too cute.

I'm still undecided on what diaper bag I want to get - but when I saw this bag, I knew I had to get it for Ben.
The Jack Spade Dad Field Bag - comes complete with a matching diaper changing pad, pockets for baby bottles and even a little zipper section to hold an ipod and a little hole for the ipod earphones to come through so Ben can listen to music while he's toting little Christian around. ^_^ We just received it yesterday and I've filled it with all the essentials - extra change of baby clothes, diapers, wipes, burp cloths, receiving blanket, etc.

And I ordered 2 sets of these so Ben and I can each carry a set. Diaper Bag Organizer Pouches - comes in 4 pouches - Clean, Dirty, Goodies to eat and miscellaneous Extras - made of cotton and a mesh back for ventilation and easy visibility.

The stroller we want isn't going to be available until sometime in July. I've been harrassing the company to please let me have first dibs on the stroller and asked if they could just send one to me in advance - but no such luck. =(

Introducing the Orbit Baby Infant System - it's a car seat and a stroller in one. We were gonna get the Bugaboo Cameleon in the Orange and Tan but I saw too many ppl with it. Boo to Bugaboo and Yay to Orbit!~

Friday, May 12, 2006

Thank You Christian

Yipee!~ Christian's umbilical cord fell off today. Now he can get a real bath.

My mother-in-law has been coming over the past couple of days to make food for me and watch Christian so I can rest and it has helped me so much. Physically, emotionally and mentally. I've been getting the "baby blues"- especially at night when I'm home alone with the baby and it's quiet and dark. Having her around has made me feel so much stronger. Tonight, Ben's whole family came over to eat with me. I hadn't taken a shower in 2 days so when they all came, knowing that Christian wound be tended to if he started crying, I went and took a long, hot shower to unwind. It's funny how you get some of your deepest thoughts in the bathroom -when you're on the toilet or brushing your teeth or taking a shower. I just started to cry...but they weren't tears of sadness but relief and gratitude. I'm so thankful to God for all the wonderful blessings in my life. Sometimes, I'm too busy looking at things I don't have rather than the things that I do. In that moment, while I was in the shower, I was able to see my blessings - my health, my wonderful, loving, hard-working and supportive husband, my healthy, precious bundle of joy, my adorable doggie, our wonderful home, the sweetest in-laws a girl can have (even though i complain sometimes- i really shouldn't), my hard-working supportive parents, my siblings, my awesome, caring & loving friends, and even our struggling restaurant.

Having gone through a somewhat humble childhood, I grew up wanting the "finer things in life" - designer shoes, clothes and purses galore, vacation homes in every part of the world, nannies to raise my kids while we travelled and shopped, and fine dining every night - heck, even a personal world renowned chef to cook for us on a whim if we so desired. (yeah, i've been watching way too much "Fabulous Life Of" on E!) But God is beginning to reveal that there is much more to life than what I thought would make me happy. Seeing Christian giggle or let our a big burp has turned to be such a joy for me - or even being able to sleep more than 1 hour at a time. I'd trade all of my designer duds to be able to sleep for 10 hours straight through without any guilt. It's funny how a baby turns your whole world upside down. I used to carry a large makeup bag full of different shades of lipglosses in my LV tote. Now, I've got a large ziploc bag in there with diapers, wipes, receiving blanket and change of baby clothes. In the pocket where I used to put my cell phone, I carry diaper coupons. And I'm finding out that it's all worth it.

I love you Christian. Thank you for changing my life.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Goodbye Xanga, Hello Blogger

I've finally decided to migrate over to a new blog. Xanga was a little too "social" and I wanted a place where I can just dump my thoughts and not be in a circle of xangans writing about their drunken weekend of partying. I guess b/c that part of my life is over now. So... Goodbye Xanga and Hello Blogger!~

It's been 10 days since I've given birth to my adorable baby boy. Labor was the most physically intense and challenging feat I have ever experienced. 19+ hours of excruciating pain - even with the 7 epidural shots, the pain killer injected in my IV that made me hallucinate, and the narcotics / spinal block that was shot in 4 or 5 different areas up and down my spine. Nothing seemed to stop the pain. It was absolutely horrible. Finally, after 3 hours of pushing my brains out, they said the baby's heart beat was rising too fast and that they had to do a vacuum extraction. Geesh, I wish they just did the extraction to begin with - and out came our baby.

Before I went into labor, I had secret fears that I might be grossed out when I saw my baby come out of me - all bloody and yucky and that I might not "bond" with him. Well, I was right. Not b/c he was all bloody and yucky...but b/c I was soooooo tired. I don't think I even held him. Ben held him, told me how proud he was of me, kissed me on my forehead and even cried a little. It was beautiful to see Ben look so proudly at his new son. I, on the other hand was too tired to do anything and asked Ben to ask that they bring the baby to me when they were finished cleaning him up and that I wanted him only for feedings because I wanted to get some sleep. He was born at 9:56 pm and they brought him to me at 3am for feeding. This was the first time I got to look at him up close and as he latched on to my breast and I looked down at his face, I gasped in awe...and I fell in love. I looked at his face, his feet, his hair, his ears and I began seeing parts of me and Ben in him and it was amazing. Wow, this little thing came out of me? Ben and I created this thing? I thanked God. Even though I was dead tired, in excruciating pain and even needed assistance to go to the bathroom, I changed my mind about taking him only for feedings so I told the nurse I had decided he was going to room in with me. Here are some pictures of our baby boy, Christian.

He's such a cutie pie!~ ^_^